IBOP Asten: 10 for National Mare Inspection-reserve champion G-Star V.Z.

Today we took part in the IBOP in Asten with our mare G-Star V.Z. She managed to achieve an excellent score; a 10 for her trot!

The reserve champion of last year’s National Mare Inspection, G-Star V.Z. was awarded a superb score today (Tango out of Raisa elite by Welt Hit II, breeder/owner A. Koenen in Erp); she received a 10 for her trot! “We debated together whether to give a 10 or a 9.5? But this is truly a rarity when you see a horse trot like that”, according to Hoefs. “She has a superb way of trotting with a fantastic use of the front leg and a very strong hind leg which comes under well. If you wanted to criticise something at all then she could tilt her pelvis a fraction more, but that is absolutely minimal. The walk is clear-cut but her stride could be better. The canter has a good technique but could be more relaxed.” In total she was awarded 84.5 points. Her dam produced a ZZ-Light horse by Florett As and a Z2 horse by San Remo.

Source: KWPN