Photo shoot at Stoeterij VZ Hackerom

Last Wednesday, June 7th, Luc van Moorsel from Equine MERC visited the wonderful new equestrian business Stoeterij VZ Hackerom. Antoon Koenen’s entirely new-built equine complex was captured on photographs that day. Not only the facilities but also the various horses, from foals to broodmares and competition horses, were all photographed.

IBOP Asten: 10 for National Mare Inspection-reserve champion G-Star V.Z.

Today we took part in the IBOP in Asten with our mare G-Star V.Z. She managed to achieve an excellent score; a 10 for her trot!

The reserve champion of last year’s National Mare Inspection, G-Star V.Z. was awarded a superb score today (Tango out of Raisa elite by Welt Hit II, breeder/owner A. Koenen in Erp); she received a 10 for her trot! “We debated together whether to give a 10 or a 9.5? But this is truly a rarity when you see a horse trot like that”, according to Hoefs. “She has a superb way of trotting with a fantastic use of the front leg and a very strong hind leg which comes under well. If you wanted to criticise something at all then she could tilt her pelvis a fraction more, but that is absolutely minimal. The walk is clear-cut but her stride could be better. The canter has a good technique but could be more relaxed.” In total she was awarded 84.5 points. Her dam produced a ZZ-Light horse by Florett As and a Z2 horse by San Remo.

Source: KWPN

G-Star V.Z reserve champion KWPN National Mare Inspection

ERMELO – Today, our mare G-Star V.Z. became reserve champion during the KWPN National Mare Inspection. The final resulted in a choice between power and elegance.

With regards to that last point the second-placed Tango-daughter G-Star V.Z (x Welt Hit II) bred by A. Koenen in Erp and encouraged by her many fans on the tribune, was certainly convincing.
The eleven best mares were selected by the team of judges, consisting of chairperson Ine van Deurzen, Dirk Reijne and Toine Hoefs, to come forward. The judges needed extra discussions no fewer than three times before they finally agreed on the placings sequence. Whilst the harmonically-built, powerfully-moving Gamante D (by Contango) took the title, the light-footed and charming G-Star V.Z. (by Tango) was second.
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